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  • The demand for well fitting clothes is rising.

  • Customers are realising how unique their body shape is, and desire clothes that fit.

  • Fashion is turning online and more & more hobbyists want to learn how to make their own clothes accurately, with no returns.

  • Sustainability challenges demand that garments are made right from the start, to save on time and resources.
Telestia AB is dedicated to help fashion creators
acquire the right skills and move on in their lives creatively.
Join our team and discover how to:
  • Extremely rewarding it is to train with the right skills and a structured training methodology.
  • Help others to realise their dream and reach their full creative potential.
  • Train sewing hobbyists to become able to start their own business and exploit new career opportunities.
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'Telestia offers Online Courses in Pattern Making, Fashion Design and Sewing.
The courses have been tested and used for over 50 years 
by thousands of people and can guarantee the best results in clothing technology skills.'
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